WON Is Founded on 15 August 2018 with the motto of Providing India with various Sports Nutrition Supplements including all the leading MNC & Indian Brands.Won is an online(viz,Amazon,Flipkart etc)as well as ofline store in India that can truly guarantee authenticity.We cater to all your fitness need through out line channel across nation.WON works as your nutritionist,supplements/protein export& provides all necessary products you need to consume modern to stay fit.

The nation as a whole is moving towards a healthier lifestyle which has been further accelerated by the pandemic.As the consumer adopt a preventive approach ,there has been a significant uptake in demand of nutritional supplements along with healthy food substitutes.

Thanks to the increased health awareness ,post-Covid,the entire health  and nutrition industry in India has experienced tremendous growth.The growing consciousness of Indian consumers,making this shift possible from reactive to proactive measures for a healthier lifestyle and fueling the market demand.

WON supplement market was valued I.N.R 3.6cr in FY2020 and now in FY2022 it has reached the height of I.N.R 5cr,and its predicted to reach 12cr by FY2026.

We are confident that this is the face of new India and the trend is to stay in an emerging industry.